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Soft Strip Out Services

We aim to provide the best and a wide range of services for our clients such as;

  • Everything from the soft strip of a small retail unit and partial strip for refurbishment to heavy demolition 
  • Detailed strip-out/demolition works as required on vibration and noise sensitive projects.
  • Detailed demolition.
  • Structural demolition.
  • Internal strip-outs.
  • Tenancy make-goods.

We are passionate about providing a professional strip out service to the highest standard. With our professional and personal approach it is not surprising that we are one of the leading contractors of building strip out and demolition services throughout Surrey & London whilst also supplying services further afield upon request.

Asbestos Surveys & Asbestos Testing

If you have any reason to believe asbestos might be present on your site, we offer a quick, affordable and specialist asbestos sampling and testing service

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

We are fully covered by relevant insurances as we possess public liability insurance and employers liability insurance up to £10,000,000

Demolition & Excavation

We have unrivalled experience with emergency procedures and therefore have the experience, commitment and resources to safely deal with any project requiring such help. 

We know dangerous situations can occur without warning, which makes prompt & efficient action vital when emergency response is required.

Building & Office Stripouts

Our operatives are experienced on all different types of building stripouts & demolition; from small/large houses, commercial and retail buildings, industrial warehouses and multi-storey structures. Our skilled operatives are trained to the highest recognised safety standards for the tools and equipment they use.

Safe Asbestos Removal

  • Dismantling asbestos sheds and garages.
  • Reroofing sheds and garages where appropriate.
  • Collecting asbestos sheeting that has already been dismantled.
  • Removing asbestos from outbuildings and barns.
  • Taking asbestos from commercial premises and industrial estates.
  • Clearing asbestos from demolition sites.
  • Disposing of asbestos at authorised facilities.

24 Hour Service

At Clearaways we understand the restrictions that can arise on certain projects. Whether this means limited access for loading, or time specific noise restrictions, we understand that some projects may have to be completed outside of normal working hours.

Our services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Registered with The Environment Agency


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